2022/2023 School Year
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Starting August 9th 2022 Ending May 19th 2023 

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Kinder to 1st Grade Zoology, Gun Facts History and Art
Fridays 11 to 1PM $100.00 per month Science, Art & History

Zoology (Land Animals) 

Zoology Land Animals, will give students a tour through their own backyards, bring them on a safari and introduce them to the varied inhabitants of jungles, deserts, forests, farms and other ecosystems. Tell poisonous and non-poisonous snakes apart, how to get away from a bear and more!

Arranged by classification order, animals are divided into s–wild animals, livestock and “creatures that creep.” Each chapter is packed full of interesting facts and notes, characteristics, differences between species, habits, habitats, bright photographs and more fun information that kids will love to learn. We will Expand class studies with lap book activities, experiment project pages, review questions; art projects and much more!  

During this time they will have a small lunch break, art projects and small history studies


2nd to 3rd Grade Life and Physical Science , CA & World Events History and Art.
Thursdays 11 to 2PM   $140.00 Per Month 

2nd  & 3rd Grade Science Curriculum is an engaging science curriculum with young learners in mind! 2nd & 3rd  Grade Science Curriculum is standards-based and encourages young learners to think “outside the box” as well as prove their thinking through hands-on and engaging learning experiences. 2nd & 3rd Grade Science Curriculum is based upon five units: Properties of Matter, Plant Life, Ecosystems, Earth’s Systems, and Space/Weather. Each unit is broken down into 10 lessons, and each lesson can take from 1-2 days to complete. Each unit covers at least two weeks of instruction. The lesson plan has the standards covered, materials list, lesson vocabulary, detailed activity lesson plans, and all necessary student follow-up practice sheets.

2nd & 3rd  Grade Science Curriculum encourages a weekly routine. With each lesson the students will partake in a quick lesson opener and skill lesson. Each day the students will take part in hands-on or think-provoking activity.

History US Fun Facts and Art


4th & 6th Grade Physical Science , US & World Events History & Art
Tuesdays 11 to 2:40PM $140.00 Per Month

Speed and Velocity, What is WeightWhat is Force , Work Force and Distance, Electromagnetic Spectrum,

Conductors and Insulators, Potential Energy, Magnets and Magnetism, Simple Machines, Types of Energy,

Heat Transfer, Newton’s 3 Laws, Transverse Wave, & More.  This is a very hands on study students will be constructing working labs and projects weekly.  This is a very hands on one of my favorite studies. 

History Major World events and art included.


7th and up  Wednesday  Chemistry, Economics and US& World History Major Events
11 to 3PM $140.00 Per Month

The Boy and the Bottle: A Problem-Based “Properties of Matter” Unit (PBL)

Intrigue on Ice: A Story-Based “EM Radiation and History of the Atom” Unit

Chemistry Case Files: Spectral Analysis Activity

Conflict and Cans: A Problem-Based “Periodic Table and Trends” Unit (PBL)

When Bonds Break: A Problem-Based “Bonding” Unit (PBL)

Case of the Poisonous Pill: A Problem-Based “Moles” Unit (PBL)

Arson or Accident: A Problem-Based “Thermochemistry and Stoichiometry” Unit (PBL)

Alchemist’s Apprentice: A “Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield” (PBL) Activity

An Aquatic Apocalypse: A Problem-Based “Solutions” Unit (PBL)

In Too Deep: A Story-Based “Gas Laws” Unit

An Atomic Assault: A Problem-Based “Nuclear Chemistry” Unit (PBL)

All labs include the following:



What is economics, goods and services, supply and demand, banking and interest, how to calculate interest, the federal reserve, flow charts, inflation, consumer simulation, working world, basic accounting bank account, and so much more.  Students will select a carrier and for the semester they will get paid  based on their carrier and they will need to manage their money, getting a place to live, car to drive, gas, food,  banking and more.  Very life like program I love it.  I have done this with all my kids and it was a real eye opener for them.  Money does not grow on trees.


History US and World Major Events continuing from 2021/2022 year