2023/2024 School Year

Starting August 8th 2023 Ending May 14th 2024 

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2023/2024 School year

4th to 6th Grade Tuesday 11 to 2:45 Science/History/Art 

Starts Aug 8th to May 14th

Earth/Space Science

Lessons are organized into 14 chapters that introduce and cover:

  1. Human Interactions with the Environment –.
  2. Earth’s Structure –
  3. Rocks and Minerals –
  4. Geologic Processes –
  5. Energy on Planet Earth –
  6. Water –
  7. Earth’s Atmosphere –.
  8. Weather and Climate –1
  9. Introduction to Astronomy –
  10. The Solar System –.
  11. Stars and Galaxies –
  12. The Sun, the Moon, and Earth –
  13. Understanding the Universe –


Science Fair Project.


Fun Mock Trial Drama and Science Fair Planned for this year To help students understand part of our government and how it works utilizing the justice system.  Fun interactive course

Social Studies / US & World History

Early civilizations to current events. Very interactive program with class participation, videos, open discussion just to name a few.

$150.00 per month


7th & Up Wednesday 11 to 3 Science/History/Life skills/Civics

Starts Aug 9th to May 15th

General Science

  • Science – The Basics
  • Chemistry – Properties and States of Matter
  • Chemistry – Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
  • Chemistry – Chemical Bonds
  • Chemistry – Reactions and Energy
  • Physics – Motion
  • Physics – Forces
  • Physics – Energy
  • Physics – Waves and Sound
  • Physics – Light
  • Physics – Electricity and Magnetism
  • Earth Science – Our Earth
  • Earth Science – Our Atmosphere and Beyond
  • Chemistry and Physics in the Life Sciences
  • Physical Science Research

Science fair project

 US & World History & Civics

This program focuses on major events from early civilizations to current day. Very interactive program with class participation, videos, open discussion just to name a few.

 Defining a State and their Characteristics

Introducing the Purpose of Government

Theories on How Government Began

Types of Governments

Characteristics of Democracy

Mock Trial to enforce the judicial system as well and working on speaking in public and group interaction.

Art program that will start from the very basics to exploring the art techniques of famous artists studied today.

$150.00 Per Month


2nd & 3rd Grade  Thursday 11 to 2:15  Science/History/Art 

All about General Science    Starts Aug 10th to May 16th

This is a lab based science program that goes over everything from defying gravity, buoyancy, fossils, erosions, temperature and density correlation and more.  There are over 30 experiments and each one will cover a different concept.  This is a very hands on for those that love science.  These Science projects for 2nd & 3rd graders can be colorful, fun, and educational. It is the perfect time for students to get familiar with the scientific method and learn basic scientific concepts from various fields of science.

Hands-on-science activities allow them to gain valuable knowledge of the field and foster an early love for science that they can build on for the rest of their lives

History  with Art Will be based on a few different sources, US Fun Facts, Studies weekly and Evan Moore.  This is a great way to let the students explore US and World History while keeping it hands on.

Science Fair Planned for this year

$150.00 Per Month


Kinder & 1st Grade Friday 11 to 1  Science/History/Art

Starts Aug 11th 2023 to May 17th 2024

Science Human Anatomy. In this class the kids will make on outline of themselves and every week fill their outline with different organs, bones, muscular, vascular systems, and senses to their bodies while learning what they do. Crafty and fun great way to learn about their body.

Grossology Explore the wonder (and grossology) of the human body, to accompany the Anatomy course.  This is a very hands on program gross but fun .lol

History Will be US Fun Facts & Studies Weekly.  Art will let the students create projects using different mediums.

$110.00 Per Month

Sibling discount $10.00 off for each sibling


High School Life Skills/Economics & Civics Class

Friday 1:30 to 3PM Aug 11th to Dec 22nd.

$100.00 Per Month

Life Skills, Economics and Civics

This Class is designed to give our High School students a look into day to day functionality, focusing on essential life skills like, listening, speaking, problem-solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership, and teamwork. The skills cover communication, creative problem solving, self-management, and interpersonal skills

The monetary system, how it works, stocks, bonds, Employment,

Resumes, Job Platforms, banking accounts, interest, budgets and more.

Forms of government, Origins of Government, Rights and responsibilities of citizenship,

Obligations of citizens.,